January 4, 2017

Supernatural’s 100 Episodes recap..

The little show that began as a road trip through the demon-filled American back-country is officially 100 episodes in — and oh, how things have changed since the beginning. [SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT.] Remember when Dean and Sam were two young demon-hunters, off in a sweet ride of a car to search for their father, who taught them all they know about the supernatural? Staring in the devilish face of a fight like they’ve never seen before, I imagine Dean and Sam are longing for the days when their biggest problem was following dad’s trail. Personally, I’m not. That’s not to say those days didn’t produce quality entertainment. Many of the episodes from what I’ll call ”the simpler days” made my list of Supernatural’s 10 Best Episodes (a task that produced new levels of pain in my soul, which I’m not sure I’ve recovered from quite yet).

But take into consideration what they’re facing now: Lucifer and archangel prednisone online india Michael kind of make the Yellow-Eyed Demon look as threatening as a can of expired dollar store-brand condensed soup — a little scary in theory, but you’d face it in a life or death situation. And I’m happy to report that the subtle transformation of the show from a fun ride-a-long in the Impala into a mythology-packed roller coaster ride came to a head in ”Point of No Return.” It was the welcome mat to what I anticipate to be the grand finale of the show’s evolution and functioned just as a 100th episode should. It had a big twist (in the form of lovechild Adam Winchester’s return), a death (good riddance, Zachariah), an ass kicking (In Cas’ defense, Dean kind of deserved it), and guaranteed our attendance at episode 101 (Where did Castiel go?!). And I liked it. So let’s talk episode, specifically the 10 lines that deserve a closer look.

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