December 27, 2010

MTV Takes The Abortion Debate With New Doc

“16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mother” gave us an inside look at how to deal with the difficulties that young mothers are accompanied by a child who is a child. And now, MTV is looking for the other side of an unplanned pregnancy, and the fight against abortion.

“No Easy Decision” will follow one former “16 and pregnant” theme called Markai who are considering this option when you get pregnant a second time, EW reported.

The special also feature Dr. Drew, who will speak buy prednisone tablets online with young women who terminated their own pregnancy and why they decided to go that route. MTV plans to bring all sides of the issue to light including the why contraception is vital as well as what happens to women who go through this.

“No Easy Decision” will premiere on MTV on 28th Dec at 11:30 p.m. Although this could be depressed during the holidays, should be at least as interesting as the drama of what you are going for that day.

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