December 15, 2010


MTV Networks (MTVN) has taken Janrain Engage offers visitors a unique log-in more than 50 online properties, as well as the ability to share articles, comment and videos from a number of friends on social networks and sites such as Facebook , Twitter, Yahoo and MySpace.

After about six weeks after deployment in seven locations, MTVN has identified positive trends in an A / B, but it is too early to speculate on the details, since many parts of the network running, according to TJ Marchetti, Vice-President products of social media at MTV Networks. “We replaced the Facebook Connect integration and then gave all the marks that are specific experiences as the establishment, how they would like to see the registration screens,” he said.

The technology aims to remove hurdles and allow site buy prednisone no prescription visitors to connect and share content more easily. The content is shared on social networks and draws visitors back to the MTVN sites. The process is the same for TeenNick as it is for VH1, ColbertNation or TheDailyShow. The company plans to extend the deployment throughout 2011.

The ability to post back to multiple social networks allows site visitors to share messages with friends. Larry Drebes, Janrain chief executive officer, says the MTVN properties now have a 12-to-1 referral rate. That means 12 additional clicks occur for the one post. “It’s free marketing for the properties by the users,” he says.

Another advantage to outsourcing the social feature means it removes engineering burdens from MTVN, putting the responsibility on Janrain, Drebes says. That movement created a new service industry for Janrain. About half of the company’s nearly fifty employees are engineers or have technical skills. He tends to hire the “Web heads” — those a little on the “nerdy side.”

Web operators want to increasingly outsource technology not central to their core content, so Janrain staked out user management as a service where it can excel. There’s a ton of operational behind-the-scenes plumbing, from privacy and security that the company can support. As more focus turns to consumer data it will become more important for companies to get it correct.

MTV Networks has joined the list of entertainment companies adopting JanRain. These include the Universal Music Group, EMI Music, Warner Music, and Sonora Windup Records, Terra Network

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