May 10, 2011


HBO has successfully launched HBO GO, a mobile streaming service for current subscribers which is now available to U.S subscribers.    Using HBO GO mobile streaming service users of compatible PC’s, IOS devices and Android devices are able to stream the HBO content over 3G or WiFi connections.

Here is the report how HBO describes this service:

HBO GO is a mobile streaming service which is offered through participating television providers that gives you unlimited access to HBO on your computer and mobile devices. With HBO GO, you can watch your favorite HBO Original Series, blockbuster movies, sports, comedies and documentaries – whenever and wherever you want.

What about the new shows on HBO GO?

Yes, new HBO Original Series and blockbuster movies will be available on HBO GO, as well as hundreds of titles – from sports and documentaries to award-winning HBO original programming.

Do I need to subscribe to HBO to watch shows on HBO GO?

Yes, to watch shows on HBO GO you need an HBO subscription through a participating television provider.

Does HBO GO cost anything?

No, HBO GO is free as part of your HBO subscription and is available through participating television providers.

Is HBO GO available internationally?

No, HBO GO is only accessible in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Can I purchase HBO GO shows on a pay-per-view basis?

No, HBO GO does not offer pay-per-view. However, as part of your HBO GO subscription, you have access to hundreds of titles to watch every month.

What is required to sign up for HBO GO?

To sign up for HBO GO, you will purchase prednisone need an HBO subscription through a participating television provider and the username and password from your television provider account. If you are using a computer to access HBO GO, you will need a high-speed Internet connection.

On which devices is HBO GO available?

HBO GO is available on a computer with a high-speed Internet connection and on the iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones. To access HBO GO you need an HBO subscription through a participating television provider.

What are the computer system requirements to access HBO GO from my computer?

HBO GO requires the following minimum system requirements: 1) An Adobe Flash Player with version 10.0 or higher. 2) An Internet connection of 3.0Mbps or greater (for HD content). 3) For Windows: An Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor (or equivalent) with 512MB RAM/128MB of VRAM. 4) For a Mac: An Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor, 512MB of RAM/128MB of VRAM. To check if you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player, go to

According to the HBO GO website, the following providers will be there: AT&T, Charter, Xfinity (Comcast), Cox, DirecTV, Dish Network, SuddenLink and Verizon.

You can set watch lists for your shows and new episodes will automatically appear.  Again from the HBO GO website:

How does the Watchlist work?

The Watchlist allows the subscriber to create a personalized list of favorite shows available on HBO GO. The listed items in your Watchlist will remain the same irrespective of the fact that log in to the HBO GO from a different computer or mobile device. Shows will remain in your Watchlist until you remove or delete them, or they expire.

Well I am a big time HBO fan and HBO GO is just the perfect thing for people like me. It looks like a decent way to check out our favs.  Just extend your subscriptions now..!

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