October 14, 2011


Dexter, the story of an unusual serial killer who hunts down only those who have escaped murder charges from law and order due to lack of evidence. Dexter who works for Miami Metro Police Department as blood spatter helping law to catch killers by day and a serial killer himself by night. Dexter season 1 and season 2 were a great hit among all the audiences around the world and since then Dexter fans have been wanting for more of justice done to bad guys, the Dexter style. Well he is probably the only serial killer loved by zillions around the world. For our readers who are unaware of Dexter’s activities here is a sneak preview of the Dexter season1.


Dexter Season 1 – Episode 1

First episode of Dexter season 1 was aired on 1st October 2006, Dexter works as a blood spatter (a person who works on the crime scene to reconstruct what and how events took place with the help of blood flow) at Miami Metro Police Department. He is involved in a massive investigation by Miami Metro Police Department where of a serial killer who drains his victims of blood. Dexter has a Girlfriend and his romance is about to go to the next level.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 2

Dexter’s world of police analyst by day, and serial killer by night, is shaken when he is contacted by the serial killer that the entire Miami metro has been after. He claims to know about Dexter after hour activities of taking down criminals. Meanwhile, Dexter’s co-worker Debra who is his foster sister, gets deep in her investigation on the case with Dexter’s help. Her investigation takes her to a stolen refrigerated truck which contains a shocking message. On the other side Dexter is on the move of his next victim, and this time it’s a wealthy businessman who got away with a drunk driving charge. Away from the spotlight, Sgt. Doakes investigates the murder of an undercover vice cop who was on the trail of a powerful drug cartel leader, named Carlos Guerrero, while Lt. Laguerta also comes to know that Sgt. Doakes was secretly involved with the murder victim’s wife. That concludes the second episode of Dexter season 1 aired on 8 October 2006.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 3

Popping Cherry : In the third episode of Dexter season 1 Miami Metro names the killer “Ice Truck Killer”. Miami Metro gets a call on a dead body on the ice rink at Miami’s Hockey Dome, Dexter helps out Debra, who is newly transferred to the homicide squad to investigate when Lt. Laguerta, (Squad head) ambitious for a promotion and the media spotlight, decides to direct the department to pursue a security guard whom they believe is the Ice Truck Killer. Meanwhile, Rita (Dexter’s Girlfriend ) receives an unpleasant visit from her imprisoned ex-husband’s drug dealer who confiscates her car, leading Dexter to drive her to and from her hotel receptionist job, while at the same time, Dexter gets on his next victim, a recently paroled teenage murderer who has some dark secrets of his own. There is a flashback of Dexter’s first killing: a nurse who he suspected was poisoning his terminally sick stepfather.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Dexter season 1 The mystifying Ice Truck Killer increases his killing spree to make his presence by leaving body parts of his latest victim at a place that relates to Dexter’s childhood memories, this makes Dexter to think about his life as a child. (Flashback of a number of incidents of Dexter as a child) As Halloween approaches, Rita takes drastic steps to quiet a barking dog from its cynical owner who keeps her children up at night. Lt. Laguerta seeks a way to comfort the mother of the latest Ice Truck victim. Angel cannot find the right anniversary gift for his wife, who is currently separated from him.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 5

After one of the Ice Truck Killer victims is found alive, that of security guard Tony Tucci, the rest of the squad begins to make headway. Debra has an arguement with Sgt. Doakes who disapproves of her behavior and somewhat pushy methods for questioning Tucci whereas Debra objects to Doakes sarcastic and rigid investigation. Rita tells Dexter about a human trafficker who gets immigrants in the country. Dexter decides on keeping an eye on Jorge Castillo, the auto yard owner also known as Coyote. But Dexter gets a surprise when he comes to know about Coyotes wife also being involved in these illegal activities. Dexter gets her on the table and clears her up. Dexter also recalls more tutoring from his stepfather, Harry, about courting a girl during Dexter’s junior high school prom. That’s the end of the fifth episode of Dexter season 1.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 6

(one of the most exciting episode in Dexter season 1 ) Dexter gets a huge surprise when he sees the body of Valrie Castillo, his latest kill at the auto yard which puts Dexter in dangerous proximity to being discovered by his colleagues. Later the squad find a young Cuban boy who claims to have seen who killed Mrs. Castillo. At this time Dexter fears for the worst and tries tempering with Vince Masuka, the medical coroner’s, e-mails, then tries to move Debra off track to a copycat killing, Lt. Laguerta motivates the little boy to help in a sketch of the person he saw . Meanwhile, Rita gets an unpleasant phone call from her abusive ex-husband, Paul, who has just prednisone online in canada been released from the prison and wants to see his daughter Astor for her birthday. Dexter gets a flashback of a row he had with his stepfather over including Debra in their hunting trips.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 7

In the seventh episode of Dexter season 1, Debra and Angel assume the Ice Truck Killer as Neil Perry, a taxidermist with a history of mental illness and violence. They both track him down to a shady apartment and he easily confesses about the crimes. Dexter comes in to have a chat with Perry and he finds some loose ends to his confession. Debra begins feel good about Rudy, the prosthetic manufacturer who works at the hospital, and asks him on a date. Meanwhile, Rita tries to adjust with her husband Paul who makes a scene at Astor’s birthday party. Also, Dexter tries to cover up his past mistake when Jeremy Downs, one victim who Dexter allowed to escape, is arrested again for a murder charge

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 8

The suicide of a wealthy and powerful businesswoman makes Dexter think that psychologist may have killed her. He goes to see Dr. Emmett Meridian for a casual talk hoping to get some important info out, but he finds himself in a tough spot when he forces Dexter to open up dark secrets from his past. Meanwhile, Lt. Laguerta visits to Neil Perry makes her become more unsure to his claims as the Ice Truck Killer. Also, Debra’s romance with prosthetic specialist, Rudy, begins to heat up. That’s the end of a slow episode of Dexter season 1.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 9

This episode of Dexter season 1 was very exciting where Dexter learns that his biological father (named Joe Driscoll), whom he was told had died 30 years ago, has just recently died and left him everything he owned, including his house. He goes on a trip to pack the items in the house, along with Rita. But later, Debra and Rudy also show up at the house to help out, where Dexter speaks with Rudy, while suspecting something strange about Joe Driscoll’s death, and about who Dexter’s biological mother was. Flashbacks to Dexter’s childhood show him questioning Harry about who his real parents were, and about an accident which an anonymous person donated some of his blood to help the young Dexter during his surgery and it happened to be Mr. Driscoll. Back in Miami, Paul begins to slide back into his old habits when he suspects Rita is keeping him away from unsupervised visits to their children.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 10

Dexter is sent to investigate a blood soaked crime scene, where he just loses his mind with memory of childhood trauma. Meanwhile, Rita is charged with assaulting Paul and could lose the children in a custody battle. When Dexter finds out, he decides to take action to remove Paul from his and Rita’s lives, Rudy is spending a lot of time bonding with Dexter. Debra is still too immature to see Rudy for the person he really is. During an evening out with the Vince Masuka, Angel spots a local prostitute with a prosthetic hand whose fingernail polish resembles one of the Ice Truck Killer victims. Angel’s hunch about a possible connection leads him back to Rudy. Lt. Laguerta’s feud with her superior, Captain Matthews, intensifies over their handling of the Ice Truck Killer case. That’s the end of the only episode in Dexter season 1 where Dexter cannot stand blood.

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 11

Dexter investigates when the Ice Truck Killer strikes again, killing the prosthetic arm prostitute and leaving her body before a Christmas tree in Miami’s Santa’s Cottage. Sgt. Doakes continues to grow more suspicious about Dexter after catching him in a series of lies about his connection to the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter finally finds a connection between him and the Ice Truck Killer over a past case involving Harry Morgan and a bloodbath crime scene back in 1973 involving Dexter’s biological mother. Meanwhile, Lt. Maria Laguerta is very upset with the things happening in the department when the Captain Matthews blames her for the department’s failure in the case to find the Ice Truck Killer, and he has her replaced. Rudy and Debra spend some quality time together where he proposes Debra. Angel in the hospital still recovering from the attack by an unknown person.

Season Finale of Dexter season 1

Dexter Season 1 – Episode 12

( Grand finale of Dexter season 1) Dexter madly searches for clues for Debra’s whereabouts when Rudy, finally reveals himself as the Ice Truck Killer, abducts her and forces Dexter into a series of mind games to find her where he finally reveals his connection to Dexter: “Rudy” is actually Brian Moiser, Dexter’s long-long biological brother. Meanwhile, Lt. Laguerta has an argument with her replacement Lt. Esmee Pascal, Sgt. Doakes finally comes to blows with Dexter over his denial with knowing the Ice Truck Killer, and Rita is contacted by the imprisoned Paul who tells her that Dexter framed him for his drug possession charge. Meanwhile Dexter finds Brian Moser and Debra, Brian offers Dexter to join hands with him and work together but Dexter finally come out on top and kills Dexter turns down his offer to join hands with him and kills Rudy with Ice truck killers signature move. Later he frames the scene that convinces the investigators as a suicide by the Ice Truck Killer.

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