September 27, 2010


“Bored to Death” is one of the best series on television which garnered a lot of attention from the media, as they head into their second buy prednisone pills season. HBO is known for letting their shows develop a following before pulling the plug, which is certainly something that other network could learn from.

The premise of the “Bored to Death “second season remains the same as the first season. A professional writer places an ad on Craigslist claiming that he is an unlicensed private investigator and is immediately thrown into an industry that he has only written about previously.

Even though “Bored to Death” didn’t “bring home the bacon” ratings-wise in its first full season, it has been consistently funny and interesting throughout its run. The premiere of the second season is no different, and delivers laughs that rival the best episodes of the first season.

As the case load of a new client becomes too much for Jonathan Ames to take on, he is forced to enlist the help of a number of associates to assist him, all while trying to act as if he knows what he is doing. He was “bored to death” of his previous profession, and now is doing something that is not only interesting to him, but is interesting to watch him do, thankfully.

“Bored to Death” new season has confirmed what we have always thought Ames may be the main personality but he is very weak and basically those around him are carrying the hit show.

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