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May 19, 2010

Baywatch hawaii

Baywatch the nice and humanitarian service these Bunch of professionals as beach guards do for mankind, to this great Channel, before the frequencies

of this channel, Reached Indian shores, I Was familiar only with Odds and Evens, Ryan o Neal, Outlaw Josey Wales Duchess and the dirt water Fox, Inside Job of Henry Fonda, and Return of The Man called Horse.

These things kept me ignorant of the world. I used to think James Hadley Chase is a Genius to write such Good stories, Roger Moore wearing safari Suits is the ultimate in style statements or Dharmender Wearing Corduroy Shirts, Pants, Jackets are the Best things this world has to offer. Then I read and heard there is going to be a free Telecast of few hours From Singapore on Doordarshan A Network of channels called Star Network And this Network has Star World, The very first time I saw this Channel, I Was introduced to Baywatch the people the star cast of this nice program presented to the Indian Audience a show of milk of human kindness I could not believe the efficiency these professionals Of Baywatch displayed Diving into cold, salty sea water. Risking their own lives, saving lives of holiday makers Giving Artificial Respirations, unconcerned about the Risk of catching Some contagious disease. Their eye catching uniforms, their professional attitude left a deep impact on My impressionable mind, I was even allowed to look into their personal lives I could not help myself but admire their spirits, their approach their walks of Life.

My friends in college watched Baywatch they confessed to me for other Reasons than mine, their reasons were not worth a dime, they could not Influence me, I only watched this program to see the kindness in the Chest of these selfless souls. Who are doing a hazardous job like it’s Just another day at work. Ophra Winfrey was also my introduction from this channel, her tears, her Crusade, Her insights, her concern, Her Attention, Her alertness, her Compassion for the guest on the show prednisone online canada made me addicted to this channel Ophra Winfrey Always reminded me of a Surgeon with a scalpel ready To make the incision in the patient body.

I have to mention Ophra as these were the 2 Gems I came to know about in The beginning thru Star World their Programs are a beautiful necklace of Many such Gems. I grew up watching FRIENDS growing old right In front of Me and becoming famous stars right in front of our eyes. Everybody Loves Raymond I believe this is true. I wished many a times and practiced to Stammer as nicely as perfectly like BOB NEWHART 911, Police Videos, and Americas Funniest Home Videos You Asked for It, Becker, all these soaps on Star World tickled me, I know star world and star network Gave blokes like me a Window to the outside world.

I am still fond of Star World, I am fond of Barkha Dutt I am fond of Simi Gerawal, sometimes I do use Remote control to take A peek at Poll Kholl on Star News or 17th re-run of Star Movie, overall my Favorite has bee The Star World. I am sorry to include all this in the review of Baywatch a review of just single program limits me. The pleasure I had from the channel itself must be Mentioned. Some channels force you to swallow programs down your throat, But Star World has been sensible they have purchased only widely accepted And popular Serials from other networks that saved them the trouble Of in-house programming and being original.

Instead of writing your own notes, just copy your notes from the best student In your class is a sure formula for success. Why dirty the hands, when there Are thousand others doing just the same? It sure saves a lot of headaches And backaches. Borrow and telecast. Relaxation has many name Baywatch, Star World is one Of them. I don’t get vomiting sensations watching Star World.

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