July 16, 2011


What do you except when you throw a burning matchstick in warehouse full of gasoline… a huge boom….

That is exactly what Warner Bros planned when the official teaser trailer was released during the screening of harry potter. And to say well it has done the job for you.

The short 90sec teaser trailer showing virtually nothing has generated a significant stir in the internet community. The latest Batman Series which is named “The Dark Knight Rises” will be the concluding part of Christopher Nolan’s successful “Batman” trilogy.

The trailer shows the images of collapsing skyscrapers of Gotham City making a batman logo in the sky.

Christian Bale who plays Batman will be facing his latest nemesis Bane which is played by Brit Tom Hardy. The movie buy cheap prednisone trailer also shows Robbie William in a particular role; well to know what exactly is he is playing we will have to wait for the movie.

Another trailer doing rounds on internet also shows Commissioner Gordon played by Gary Oldman fighting for his life in a hospital bed begging Bruce Wayne to revive his black-clad superhero.

Taking into consideration the success of “Dark Knight” thanks to the brilliant performance by late Heath Ledger the expectation from “The Dark Knight Rises” will be huge.

Well for now it’s the trailers which make us feel frustrated thinking we have to wait almost a year to see the movie when it will hit the theaters on July 20 2012

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